Westover17 photos
For a client who preferred contemporary, minimalist design, the challenge was to incorporate new construction into a neighborhood with a long history of traditional architecture. Additionally, the client wanted only 3,500 sq ft, while most of the neighboring properties were almost twice that size, challenging us further to make the house appear larger, and to endow it with proportions that reflected a larger scale. Outside, the house employs a design reminiscent of Scottish manor houses with stone sills and lintels; steeply pitched slate roofs; and deeply set, large double-hung windows. Inside, the house is unashamedly modern, with an open floor plan, two-story entry hall and a wall of glass across the entire rear facade. The house was constructed to accommodate expansion. When it changed hands, it was expanded to include 7,000 sq ft of finished living space without changing the footprint. In collaboration with Montchanin Design Group